Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum label order?

This depends on which printing process is best suited to your requirements. If digital is best, you can order a single label if you want to! However, in most cases the economical label minimum is 2,000.

What are preparation costs?

Preparation costs cover everything involved in getting ready for the first printing run. They can include artwork, plates and dies. If you're supplying your own artwork, we need to see this before we can calculate preparation costs.

What is artwork?

Artwork is the final version of your layout - including design, words, and images - that we use to create printing plates.

What are printing plates?

Printing plates are images that are used to transfer the ink to the label surface. Each colour requires a separate printing plate. Printing plates are not used in digital printing.

What are dies?

A die is used to cut the label to your desired shape. If we need to create a die especially for your labels, this will involve an extra cost. You can avoid this cost by using an existing shape.

Who will make my artwork for me?

We can work from artwork you supply, but we also have an in-house artwork service. We can either create artwork from scratch or modify it (for example, to change the name of the product).

What format should my artwork be in if I'm supplying it myself?

Artwork should be supplied in Adobe Illustrator format with fonts outlined. If we need to alter your artwork, this will involve an extra cost, which we'll advise you of in advance.

What is paper stock?

Paper stock is the self-adhesive label paper we print on. There are many different kinds of paper stock, including gloss, semi-gloss, matt, clear, and even metallic. Adhesives include permanent, removable, freezer and repositionable. If you're unsure what paper stock you require, we'll happily provide a sample.

How can I be sure the labels will stick to my product?

Before you place an order, we're happy to send you samples to test on the surface(s) to be labelled. If you're still not sure, send us a few samples of your product. Well recommend the best adhesive and face materials.

What is a proof? Can I get by without one if I'm in a rush?

A proof is an illustration of what the final product will look like. It's your chance to review the wording, spelling, size and position of the label design. We provide a proof free of charge in the form of a PDF file.

What is the normal turnaround time for a custom printed label?

We pride ourselves on fast turnaround. The time needed for a specific job depends upon:

  • the size of the run
  • whether there are special requirements
  • the quality of the artwork supplied